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Victory Taekwondo Academy is the premier martial arts studio of Westminster, providing high quality, authentic Taekwondo training through high-energy classes that students LOVE!  Our goal is to help each student discover their confidence and train them to be champions both on and off the mat!

Taekwondo really does have something for everyone! From better confidence, to improved focus, and a healthier mind and body, Taekwondo can truly change you or your child's your life.

Master Yeong is a 5th Degree Black Belt who is internationally certified through Kukkiwon. He has over 20 years of experience training in and teaching Taekwondo. He had the rare opportunity to train on a Korean elite national sparring team for 6 years, giving him a unique set of skills and style that you can’t find at a typical martial arts school!

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Who We Are

Benefits of Taekwondo

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The growth that your child will experience during their journey to Black Belt will benefit their lives far beyond the studio! Our students are challenged to grow into strong individuals both mentally and physically, and are taught skills that will help them to be successful in whatever they choose to do in their life. We strive to help each child learn to be confident in themselves, how to set goals for themselves and to never give up when challenges come their way!

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Confidence and Discipline!

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Why Should You Choose Us?

What makes us different from other martial arts schools? At Victory, we pride ourselves in the quality of instruction that we provide to our students! When you have a great instructor, training in Taekwondo can and SHOULD be FUN without compromising on quality! Master Yeong's infectious energy and ability to connect with and motivate his students makes for high-energy classes that students can’t get enough of!

Because of his extensive training as a sparring athlete, we are able to offer our students the special opportunity to join our competitive sparring team. This is great for students who want to go beyond training in regular classes and gives them the exciting experience of competing in tournaments locally, and even traveling for national championships! Just in their first 2 years of competing, our team's brought home 5 gold and 2 bronze national medals.

Our unique training style and opportunities that we are able to offer our students are sure to give you everything you’re looking for in a martial arts school and more! Join us for a trial and get started on your Taekwondo journey today!

Google reviews from 3 customers

My son has attended Victory Taekwondo for the past six months. Our previous school closed unexpectedly. Of the 4 schools we visited in search of a replacement, Victory was the best in the area, hands down. The owners, Master Yeong and his wife Karen, are friendly, energetic, and sincerely interested in their students' development. The school has a regular class schedule, demo team, and competitive sparring team. My son's skill has really flourished under Master Yeong's tuiteledge. Stonger, higher kicks, cleaner forms, bolder breaking, and greater overall athleticism. Master Yeong's personal passion for sparring, showmanship, and competition definitely shows through. As an instructor, he has a mix of tradition and newness that we enjoy. Classes are structured but not scripted. They have a well-run website and make the most of functionality on Facebook to help keep track of events, scheduling, and academy news. This was a big challenge for our previous school. Victory has this down to a science. If you're looking for an activity for your kids, I highly recommend Victory. There are a lot of great kids in the program. The parents look out for all the kids and are a pretty tight-knit bunch. Truly an extended family.

Victory Taekwondo is an amazing place. Master Yeong is amazing with the kids and is a great teacher. My son has flourished and continues to want to go and learn more. We have tried other schools but this one is a great fit. Check them out.

We love Victory! Miss Karen and Master Yeong are so kind and our kids adore them. The structure and discipline of Little Tigers has really strengthened my boys confidence. We highly recommend Victory TaeKwonDo.



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