Keun Yeong Park

 5th Degree Black Belt


Master Yeong is a Korean-born Taekwondo Master who has over 20 years of experience teaching Taekwondo in both South Korea and America. He started training at the age of 12 and his master quickly saw that he had a talent for sparring, so he recommended that he begin specialized sparring training. He went on to be a part of a Korean national sparring team for 6 years and although the training was intense, he’d found something he truly loved to do. His passion for the art then led him to Keimyung University where he majored in Taekwondo. In 2017, he opened Victory Taekwondo Academy so that he could share his love of Taekwondo with others and to make a positive impact in their lives.

-Kukkiwon 5th Degree Taekwondo Black Belt
-4rd Degree IKF Hapkido Black Belt

-Level 3 Kukkiwon Master Instructor Certification
-1997 Daegu State Championship- 2x Gold Medalist (Sparring)

-1998 Deagu State Championship- 2x Gold Medalist (Sparring)

-1999 Daegu State Championship- Gold Medalist (Sparring)
-2008 Korean National Championship- Silver Medalist (Breaking)

-2016 PA State Championship Gold Medalist (Sparring)
-2017 US Open International Championship Gold Medalist (Sparring)

About Us


We are accredited through Kukkiwon, which is the official world headquarters for Taekwondo and the ONLY organization that's recognized in all of Korea, the birthplace of Taekwondo. Our accreditation means that when you get your black belt through us, it will be recognized at any other school in the world! This is very different from most schools who can only certify students within their own studio. This cerfication also proves that you can be confident that we will be giving you the highest quality of training available. 

Girl kicking target paddles that an instructor is holdingmartial arts-target kick

Why Learn Taekwondo?

A group of kids smiling at a martial arts competition
kids sparring in martial arts class

Taekwondo truly has something for everyone and people start training for different reasons! Many parents are looking for a way to help their kids become more focused with better self control, or they want them to learn to defend themselves. Adults may be looking for a workout style that they enjoy to help them get the fit and healthy body  that they want, but haven't been able to accomplish.

Whatever the initial reason, students quickly find that along with these great benefits, you're getting so much more through training at Victory! The confidence that you gain throughout your training is a benefit that not everyone goes in thinking about, but it can impact your life in a huge way!

From breaking your first board to finally mastering techniques that were once SO difficult, your confidence will soar! You'll gain the ability to meet challenges head-on, knowing that when you work hard and devote yourself to something, you can achieve things you once thought impossible! This is an invaluable life lesson for kids (and adults!!) that can open doors that will change the course of their lives!